Parkway Remodel

Project Status: Complete

This building has been tested according to Building Performance Institute Standards.

We re-modeled this house for an energy conscious young couple. One of the major components of the project was to install foamboard all around the exterior envelope and tape the seams to create a bombproof air barrier. There was also a massive stone fireplace in the center of the living room that completely blocked the kitchen off from the sitting area. We hired a local stone mason to come in an re-work one side of it to make the room more open and to help the flow of travel between the rooms. We remodeled two bedrooms and a bathroom into one master en-suite. A Mitsubishi Mini-Split heat pump system was installed and voila, the house was ready. Just kidding, it was nowhere near that simple. Remodels, especially energy efficient ones, are always extremely involved. Ideas change as you go along, you find things out about the house you did not realize up front, weather is un-predictable and sub-contractors, selections and material all have to be managed and organized. We love coming out of a job though with happy clients and something that we are proud of and not embarrassed to show off.